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KNOXVILLE, Tenn., August 14, 2015 — BPV Wealth Preservation Fund Portfolio Manager George Hashbarger, Jr., recently sat down with Ticker Magazine to discuss option-based risk management strategies. In the article, Mr. Hashbarger discusses his investment philosophy, research process, portfolio construction methodology, and more. Read the full article here (login required).

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BPV Large Cap Value Fund Portfolio Manager Ted Aronson was featured in a MarketWatch article today (“Opinion: This is how a mutual fund can beat an index fund”) discussing his views on how active management may still be able to outperform index funds.

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We believe it pays to have active managers who are consistent and disciplined about controlling transaction costs.

Many investors may face the difficult challenge of making asset allocation decisions in a low interest rate, low return environment.

Investment professionals, sign in and view this Asset TV webinar for 1 hour of continuing education credit for both the CFP board and IMCA. Entitled, “A Social Security Primer,” the webinar features Mary Beth Cavey, Managing Director at The Colchester Group. Click here to view the webinar. To download the corresponding white paper, click here.

George Hashbarger, Jr., Portfolio Manager for the BPV Wealth Preservation Fund (BPVPX), discusses the threat of rising interest rates and how the Fund attempts to achieve lowered volatility.

George Hashbarger, Jr., Portfolio Manager for the BPV Wealth Preservation Fund (BPVPX), discusses equity volatility and the Fund’s strategy for attempting to achieve reduced drawdown.

Mid-Year Outlook

For the remainder of 2015, U.S. economic growth will likely rebound from the first quarter’s disappointing results. The economic outlook in 2015 will most likely depend on whether and when consumers open their wallets.

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Active share is a fairly recent concept that provides a new measurement for the level of active management within a fund. However, its recency means the
concept is often poorly understood, as evidenced by the number of questions we field on the topic.

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest mutual fund, the BPV Income Opportunities Fund. For more information, check out the press release.